How to get started

The first question that comes to the minds of new SFI affiliates is “Now what do I do?”.

You go to and read everything there. This site will lead you through the training program for SFI. One good training program to go through is “Internet Income Course”. It’s free and very helpful if you are new to internet marketing.

You should complete SmartStart immediately. If you still are totally lost, go through SmartStart again and access and read all the links there.

Then go through the “Next Step” Training.

You should contact your sponsor and PTL and let them know you are serious and would appreciate any help or guidance they could give you.

Then, you decide to invest a little money and join IAHBE, or order a magazine subscription or purchase one of the other excellent SFI products that you can use. You need 10 SVP (sales volume points) monthly to become an Executive Affiliate….and the easiest way to do this as you build your SFI business is to have a standing order for 10 SVP. 

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