Today is a truly exciting day for all SFI affiliates! Today we are pleased to announce EYEEARN and MAXMALLS.EyeEarn is SFI’s exciting new co-op. For just a one-time investment of $20 (for an EyeEarn Starter Kit), you can start receiving a monthly share of affiliate signups worldwide!

In addition to being the coolest co-op we’ve ever offered, EyeEarn also represents a fantastic new way to DIRECTLY recruit affiliates and build residual income.

MaxMalls is SFI’s new online shopping center—a portal to major, name-brand online stores! We have launched MaxMalls with over 100 stores, but we will be adding HUNDREDS more. MaxMalls is also integrated into the EyeEarn Co-op. That is, as an active member of the EyeEarn Co-op, you will receive a share of ALL MaxMalls sales worldwide…every month!

You heard right: Participating in the EyeEarn Co-op gets you a monthly flow of fresh, new affiliates (personally sponsored by you) AND a share of all MaxMalls worldwide sales, too. And all you need is the starter kit to get started!

Full details on EyeEarn and MaxMalls are online now at:


Also be sure to check out the EyeEarn FAQ page at:


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