Extra Income

February 18th, 2008

Extra Income

Are you tried of working for your boss? Do you want to make some extra money? Do you want to be your own boss? How about setting your own hours? Well now you can. The internet is one of the fastest growing places where a peerson can do their own thing. Check out the website www.sfimg.com/1574378/FREE and see if you can’t find something that you would like to do. They are the fastest growing internet business online and growing every day. While your letting your fingers do the walking check out MaxMalls.com. They have all your favorite stores in one place . The great thing about it is they are always adding more stores every week. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.


December 7th, 2007

Today is a truly exciting day for all SFI affiliates! Today we are pleased to announce EYEEARN and MAXMALLS.EyeEarn is SFI’s exciting new co-op. For just a one-time investment of $20 (for an EyeEarn Starter Kit), you can start receiving a monthly share of affiliate signups worldwide!

In addition to being the coolest co-op we’ve ever offered, EyeEarn also represents a fantastic new way to DIRECTLY recruit affiliates and build residual income.

MaxMalls is SFI’s new online shopping center—a portal to major, name-brand online stores! We have launched MaxMalls with over 100 stores, but we will be adding HUNDREDS more. MaxMalls is also integrated into the EyeEarn Co-op. That is, as an active member of the EyeEarn Co-op, you will receive a share of ALL MaxMalls sales worldwide…every month!

You heard right: Participating in the EyeEarn Co-op gets you a monthly flow of fresh, new affiliates (personally sponsored by you) AND a share of all MaxMalls worldwide sales, too. And all you need is the starter kit to get started!

Full details on EyeEarn and MaxMalls are online now at:


Also be sure to check out the EyeEarn FAQ page at:


How to get started

November 30th, 2007

The first question that comes to the minds of new SFI affiliates is “Now what do I do?”.

You go to http://www.sfimg.com and read everything there. This site will lead you through the training program for SFI. One good training program to go through is “Internet Income Course”. It’s free and very helpful if you are new to internet marketing.

You should complete SmartStart immediately. If you still are totally lost, go through SmartStart again and access and read all the links there.

Then go through the “Next Step” Training.

You should contact your sponsor and PTL and let them know you are serious and would appreciate any help or guidance they could give you.

Then, you decide to invest a little money and join IAHBE, or order a magazine subscription or purchase one of the other excellent SFI products that you can use. You need 10 SVP (sales volume points) monthly to become an Executive Affiliate….and the easiest way to do this as you build your SFI business is to have a standing order for 10 SVP. 

Just started

October 27th, 2007

I decided that I wanted my own work from home business that would enable me to be financially independent. I also wanted to enjoy my work and reap the benefit of my efforts and commitment. After careful research, I was introduced to a network marketing company SFI.

I have been thoroughly pleased. People should join SFI because the system works. Let me be clear, this is not a get rich quick system; if you are willing to put in the time and effort it takes you will be financially rewarded. The very best thing about SFI is the training and support given to assist you with starting and running your own business. This greatly enhances your chances of success.

Thanks to SFI, I now have a vision. As a successful business owner, I plan to make it to the top. My goal is to also help others to succeed and reach their goal of financial independence.